LINE-X Standard

LINE-X Standard

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Located in Tax-Free New Hampshire, Boyer's Truck Equipment understands that between hauling work equipment and personal belongings, your truck can take a beating. Whether you use your truck for work or for personal use, it's important to give your vehicle the protection it needs. We are the number one dealer of LINE-X products on the east coast and we have a variety of different products that service your individual needs

The LINE-X Standard Bedliner has many benefits including:
•Resists staining from harsh chemicals
•Prevents Leaks, Rust, and Corrosion
•No cracking, bubbling, or peeling - GUARANTEED
•Sound-dampening, impact-absorbing, awe-inspiring
•Lifetime warranty

Is the Line X Standard Bedliner the right product for you? The standard bedliner may be right for you for a variety of reasons:

•Perfect for everyday hauling
•Off-road enthusiasts
•Hunters, farmers, and fisherman

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