LINE-X Premium

LINE-X Premium

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Boyer's Truck Equipment provides a wide variety of LINE-X Products to fit all of our customer's individual need. The LINE-X Premium Bedliner offers next level protection to keep your truck bed extra safe. The UV protection feature is what separates our premium product from the standard bedliner. LINE-X Premium Bedliner provides sunscreen like protection to your truck bed to keep it's luster and look good as new.
Other benefits include:
•Defense against damaging UV rays
•Fade resistant
•Long-lasting luster
•Easy to clean
•Resistance against staining from harsh chemicals
•Prevents leaks, rust, and corrosion
•No cracking, bubbling, or peeling - GUARANTEED
•Environmentally Friendly - VOC Free
•Sound-dampening, impact-absorbing

Are you tired of a faded bedliner? You don't always have the option of putting your truck in a garage. Our premium product may be for you if you're interested in:

•Protection form fading if left outdoors on a daily basis
•Ideal for auto dealerships, fleet services
•Low maintenance
•Bedliner upgrade
•Adds resale and trade-in value

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