LINE-X Platinum

LINE-X Platinum

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Does your truck go through more than the usual wear and tear? If your answer was yes, the LINE-X Platinum Bedliner is the product for you. The Platinum Bedliner offers the highest level of protection for the toughest jobs out there. The combination of toughness, durability and UV stability makes LINE-X Platinum Bedliners the best in the business.

•300% tougher
•Pure polyurea technology
•Extreme abrasion and impact resistance
•Defends against damaging UV rays
•Long-lasting luster
•Easy to clean
•Resists staining form harsh chemicals
•Prevents leaks, rust, and corrosion
•No cracking, bubbling, or peeling - GUARANTEED
•Environmentally friendly - VOC-free
•Sound dampening

The premium bedliner is great for:

•Contractors and landscapers
•Maintenance vehicles
•Utility bodies
•Heavy-duty trucks

Does your job or lifestyle require a little extra protection for your truck bed? Call Boyer's Truck Equipment today at (603) 882-6637 to find out what we can do for you!

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